Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Becoming a casting director

So, I started my internship yesterday and let me tell you, ITS A BLAST! I've never once thought of being part of the film industry or entertainment world as whole before, but even after just my first two days of working at Gillian Reynolds Casting Agency, I feel like I should add it to my possible professions.

Yesterday we spent our entire time in a hotel conducting casting auditions. These auditions were pretty cool because they were for an American television series based out of Scotland, which you can see why they came to an Irish casting agency for actors. The coolest part was that the role that was being auditioned for was for one of the lead male roles who is supposed to be a dreamy dreamy guy, therefore, I got to see a lot of beautiful Irish actors throughout the day.

My main job for the past two days was to learn how to edit the casting tapes, label them and put them into what ever application is necessary for the specific producer. I also have been doing typical intern duties, such as, getting the coffee, getting lunch, replying to emails and a few other little things. But that's okay because I get to spend my time feeling like I am a celebrity and getting to now local celebrities as well.

When I first interviewed for this position I wasn't sure it was for me. I thought that it was going to be a bunch of information that I had no idea about and different things on the computer that I have yet to learn. But once I got to work yesterday I felt right in place. I knew exactly how to use the application on the mac computer and got along with the assistant very well. I truly thing that I can help this company in a way. It is a great company and they do great work but I do think that I can help them in a public relations aspect. I already began to edit and work with their blog and I hope to implement a social media plan just to get the name out there even more. I also hope to help keep everything more organized.

On that note, one thing I did realize today is that the business life here in Dublin is much different than at home in America. I feel as if it is more hectic because it is less organized and less on a structured plan. I think this is good in some ways because it provides time for relaxing and connecting with coworkers but I also think it takes away from the productivity. I know that the Irish are more about spending time with people than getting work done and that is something I know I will be able to get used to easily. It is just strange going from internships in America where I always had something to work on to this type of business culture. I can't wait to get a feel for it some more throughout the next few weeks.

In the end, I love where I was placed for the summer and I can't wait to see where it could possibly take me in the future. I believe it's already starting to open so many more doors for me! It's just the beginning.


  1. Maggie Have you read the Gabaldon series? If not you must it is wicked fun and will help you in the internship in more ways than you can imagine.

  2. You know, this post of yours has going around internet world because of Outlander! :) The fanbase of these books is HUGE! Everybody has lots of expectations for it, especially the casting of Jamie. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it too! xxx Anna

  3. Are they planning on casting an American to play Brianna Randall/Fraser/Mackenzie?